Tuesday, December 8, 2009

uses for take/drop-while

I've found a use for take-while & drop-while in a map.

To start let's define the following

user=>(defn sort-map [m] (apply sorted-map (apply concat m)))

That's right. A function to cast hash-map to tree-maps.

user=>(sort-map {3 :a 1 :c 2 :b})
{1 :c, 2 :b, 3 :a}

Why would I do that? Because I now have a way of making subsets based on the keys.

user=>(keys-pred take-while #(< 2 %) (sort-map {3 :a 1 :c 2 :b}))
{1 :c}

user=>(keys-pred drop-while #(< 2 %) (sort-map {3 :a 1 :c 2 :b}))
{2 :b, 3 :a}

So, when would this have an application?

Let's define the following map

And there you go, a use for take/drop while with maps :)

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